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Ridgeline Log Cabins invites you to learn more about log cabins and timber frame homes by attending special events hosted by our dealership as well as our manufacturers, Honest Abe Log Homes.

Log Raisings and Mill Tours

Four times per year Honest Abe conducts free log raisings at its National Headquarters in Moss, TennAn Honest Abe Log Raising is a great opportunity to see, touch and absorb information about how Honest Abe Log Homes are built. The Log Raising starts from the design and goes through placement of the felt on the roof. Guests ask questions and receive answers from our experienced staff – many of whom actually live in an Honest Abe Log Home. This allows guests to grasp the actual process of building a log or timber frame home. The demonstration helps each person visualize his or her own home under construction.

All products provided in the Honest Abe home package are discussed such as log screws, caulking, gaskets, doors, windows, porches, etc.  Guests see how the logs are stacked and to hear the log screw being put into the log. Staff members explain where to use foam spray at the butt joints and how to drill for the electrical outlets on the logs.

Meet the Professionals

The Log Raising is more than just building a small structure. It gives visitors time to meet with our professional staff from design to manufacturing. The Sales Team is available to help guests gather as much information as desired. Honest Abe also invites experts in other areas of interest such as financing, builder’s risk insurance and general contractors.

Mill Tour

After lunch, guests board the FUN Bus for a short ride to the manufacturing facility. Honest Abe’s leadership conducts a guided tour starting with how logs are loaded into the kiln. Guests enter the kiln to get a better understanding of the drying process. Then they are off to the milling process. Sometimes visitors get to watch a skilled craftsman hand hew logs. During the tour, guests see and touch all of the wood species that are provided in their log home kit or timber frame package.

The final step in the milling process is the notching and numbering of the logs for each customer’s specific order. Visitors will see where and how the logs are wrapped and stacked for the delivery to the homeowners job site.


These free log raisings are kid-friendly. They’re conducted in a climate-controlled building with comfortable seating. The meal is catered by an amazing local cook, so bring your appetite, too. Capacity is limited, and reservations are required. You’ll want to make reservations by calling or emailing Kelly and Brian Stamps directly so that he can reserve your seat at meet you at the event.

Other Log & Timber Events

Home Tours

Tours of homes during which customers open their homes to guests who want to ask question and get ideas. These are held several times each year at various locations. Reservations are required, but there is not charge for the event, which takes place on a Saturday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Home tours are announced here.

Log & Timber Home Shows

Several log and timber home shows are produced throughout the year in locations around the United States. The closest shows to Ridgeline Log Cabins are the Nashville show each January and the Atlanta show each March. Call Kelly and Brian if you plan to attend one of these shows so he can meet you in the Honest Abe booth.

These shows include a full schedule of optional classes. In addition to vendors, many suppliers pertinent to the log and timber home industry are demonstrating products. There are also furniture and decor booths, food and prizes. Learn where Honest Abe’s booth will be by clicking here.

Our log and timber frame homes are manufactured in the U.S.A. & have been since 1979.

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