What is there to do other than the assembly of my home package?

One of the most common questions asked of Honest Abe Sales Representatives and Independent Dealers regarding the log home design, purchase and construction process is “What are my responsibilities?” We’ve developed a quick reference guide to answer these questions and assist new homeowners with planning.

These items will need to be accomplished by the homeowner – with most of these items being handled by the homeowner’s builder or general contractor –  before arrival of the customized log or timber home package from Honest Abe:

·obtaining necessary city and county permits

·grading & preparation of site

·construction of drive to access site

·foundation termite pretreat

·utility services

·restroom facilities for labor crew

·dumpster for construction waste & debris

·backfill around basement foundation area if applicable

·purchase builder’s risk insurance

The homeowner’s responsibilities – with most of these items being handled by the homeowner’s builder or general contractor for tasks that must be installed &/or completed after dry-in include:

·selection and purchase of exterior roofing material & ridge vent

·arranging for exterior pest treatment

·application of exterior stain, sealant & chinking, which is provided in the log or timber frame package

·application of paint or stain exterior of windows if necessary

·construction of the chimney & fireplace

·purchase and installation of plumbing & fixtures

·purchase and installation of electrical & fixtures

·purchase and installation of heating/cooling system

·purchase and installation of insulation in gables, dormers & interior walls

·caulking of any log corners and any necessary checks in the logs

·purchase and installation of partition wall coverings

·purchase and installation of insulation in ceilings (not required with heavy timber roof)

·purchase and installation of ceiling materials, if necessary (tongue & groove included in log home package)

·purchase and installation of  interior paint, stain &/or sheetrock &/or wallpaper if applicable

·purchase and finish of floor materials

·installation of interior doors & trim, interior window trim, baseboard, which are included in the log or timber home package

·purchase and installation of cabinets & countertops

·installation of porch railings & balusters, which are included in the log or timber home package

·purchase and installation of exterior stairs, deck & interior stair railings

·purchase and installation of appliances

·purchase and installation of septic system or connection to public sewer system

·purchase and installation of foundation insulation & vapor barrier, if applicable

·purchase and installation of gutters & downspouts

·purchase and installation of garage doors & openers

·installation of sidewalks


What is dry-in service & what does it include?

Dry-in service is the use of one of our trained, experienced crews for the assembly of your home package. Honest Abe’s dry-in service is only available within certain geographic regions. Ask your Sales Representative or Independent Dealer if this service is available in the area where your home will be built. If it is available in your area it includes the following tasks:

Subfloor System

• installation of the termite shield

• fastening of the sill plate to foundation

• installation of the first floor framing

•installation of subfloor decking

Wall System

• stacking logs or assemble timber frame walls

•installation of rough opening frames for windows & doors

Roof System

• setting trusses or install rafters

•installation of tongue-and-grove decking (heavy timber only)

•installation of roof insulation (heavy timber only)

•installation of roof sheathing & felt

•installation of soffits, vents & fascia trim

Gable Ends

•installation of frame & side gable ends (exterior)

Windows & Doors

•installation of windows included in package

•installation of exterior doors included in package

• trimming of exterior installed windows & doors


• rough framing of interior partitions per plans

Porches & Decks

• construction of porch & deck floors on customer’s supports

• framing upper porch system

• installing decking & felt on porch roof(s)


On one-and-a-half or two-story, homes the following would be included:

Ceiling beam system

•installation of ceiling beams & support girders

•installation of second-floor tongue-and-grove decking


• framing & siding of exterior gable or shed dormers per plans


• rough in of interior stairs to second floor only

This listing is not all-inclusive, and actual dry-in-service may vary according to your plan. Dry-in-service does not include installation of all items provided in the package. Partial labor may be available upon request. Please check with your sales rep or dealer for pricing and details.